Italian alt-rock band The Lancasters let fly a driving and gritty new tune.

Hailing from Bescia, Italy, alternative rock band The Lancasters incorporate classic and psych-rock inspirations into their modern rock ‘n’ roll sound.

The Lancasters are partnering with California-based label Fuzzy Cracklins Presents and the Italian label Rivertale Productions for the release of their music.

The trio dropped lead single “Scallywag” this past April, a laid-back retro-steeped number with lyrics and an accompanying video that ridiculed belief in sham superstitions that fleece the gullible.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the music video for second single “Goodnight,” a winding and spiky number propelled by gritty guitar grind, grimy bass line, clattering drum strikes, and (dis)passionate vocal delivery.

Lyrics-wise, the driving “Goodnight” is heartfelt; about the connection between two people in a relationship no matter what trials and tribulations are faced, because they are encountered together.

The band members comment, “This is a hymn about two souls far apart and the forces that keep them together despite everything; their true desire and love create the strongest bond that holds them together and in balance.”

While the sentiments are sweet and romantic, the music is anything but as it flows with a noir menace.

The music video, which was created by Stefano Vanoni, reflects this dark outlook, projecting a stark palette of deep black and blinding white.

Footage of the band performing is shot so close-up that it’s hard to tell what’s being filmed; parts of instruments and the players glide into view and then slide away amid the comic book graphic design.

“Goodnight” is now available on all major digital platforms for streaming and download.

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