Veteran hardcore band Silence Equals Death deliver a raging and socio-politcally relevant anthem/video.

New Jersey-located veteran hardcore band Silence Equals Death will unleash their 5th studio album, Revolution Rising, on November 13th via Upstate Records, Blood Blast Distribution, and all digital platforms.

Revolution Rising is a highly charged powder keg that explodes with sonically raw and socio-politically relevant force.

Scott Earth (vocals), Freddy Delacruz (guitar), Wade Culleny (guitar), Shawn Urscheler (bass), and Ryan Bertone (drums) capture the current divided times where the ideologies of the American public exist at either end of the spectrum.

Silence Equals Death hit hard with the title track off their upcoming album, and Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of its incendiary lyrics video.

While extremists fan the flames of discord, everyday life devolves into chaos. Fighting the corrupt powers-that-be (i.e., Trump and his administration, big business, et al.) comes at a heavy price. Taking a side creates more strife and continues the cycle of an ‘Us Vs. Them’ mentality. What will the cost be to attain unity?

The video for “Revolution Rising” spotlights actual footage and images from the frontlines of protests and rioting, not only in the here ‘n’ now, but through our history that has always been fraught with resistance and change.

Lead singer Earth relates, “I feel like the uprising of the oppressed reaching this magnitude has been brewing for a few years. Sadly it took a while for others to rise up with them. With all change comes uncertainty.”

“Revolution Rising” is a rallying cry to create positive change in the world – to cultivate civility, respect, and community, and fight against injustice, inequality, and intolerance. Our democracy, our freedom, our very lives depend on it.



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