Acclaimed Turkish garage punk band Reptilians From Andromeda unleash a spine-tingling performance video for a cut off their new EP.

Acclaimed Istanbul-based garage-punk band Reptilians From Andromeda recently dropped their new Bloodlust Of The Doll Witch EP. The record released last month via KKRecords and is jam-packed with psycho sonic thrills and gritty punk attitude.

Core band members Aybike C. Ozbey (vocals) and Tolga Ozbey (guitars) recorded Bloodlust Of The Doll Witch at Istanbul Soundcity Studios with their new bandmates Basak Karacan (drums) and Kerim Gonencer (bass).

The EP was mixed and mastered by legendary ‘70s British power-pop band The Monos!’ frontman Fran Ashcroft and the eye-popping cover art was created by Rob Richardson.

Reptilians From Andromeda mix many different classic genres into their potent music; mainly punk, rock ‘n’ roll, goth, and metal. New blood also courses through the act’s veins with the energetic interplay of drums and bass.

The outfit sounds like the imagined cross between the wicked sister of Blondie (vocally) and The Misfits (instrumentally) with their abrasive chainsaw guitar buzz, with both bands performing at NYC’s CBGBs in its heyday.

Rebel Noise is psyched to host the premiere of the video for “Rogarou”, a driving, infectious, and spine-chilling cut off the EP. The song’s title means “shapeshifters” in various cultures, and Reptilians From Andromeda do just that on the video for the track.

Sinking their coolly enthused collective fangs into all-things from the vault of classic horror, the band spiritedly performs “Rogarou”, while the backdrop visuals continually change, showcasing a bevy of images from animated horror films (vampire, Frankenstein, werewolf, and mummy mythology).

Purchase/Stream Bloodlust Of The Doll Witch at KKRecords Bandcamp:

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