Indie/alt-rock band Career Boy, whose job is to rock, release a fun anti-corporate, pro-freelancer video.

Nameless and faceless drones populate the corporate workplace. Maybe you too are one of the office servants who do the bidding of The Boss.

Well, the indie/alternative rock band Career Boy, with their nameless and faceless members (at least in their new video), are here to help you break free from rat-race job bondage – by kicking out the jams – and ideas - in a no-frills, all-thrills way.

Influenced by the hard-charging and uncompromising likes of Sleaford Mods, Fontaines D.C., and Shopping, while keeping a tongue-in-cheek spirit of the renowned Beastie Boys and Cake, Career Boy are on the fast-track, at least musically.

Today sees the outfit release new tune “Scam Jam” with an accompanying music video.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the cheekily fun, anti-corporate, and pro-freelancer video clip today.

Lyrical inspiration for “Scam Jam” and other songs comes from the band member’s aversion to the “traditional job-oriented approach to life” that is dictated by modern society.

They don’t want their lives to be held up in red tape. They want to be free to do what they want and not bow down to The Man.

“Scam Jam” and its music video speak to this concept directly, with a driving and angular post-punk sound and earnestly sung-spoken vocals that divulge the tricks of the trade of a freelancer who works the system by surviving on a bare minimum of contract work and applying for government healthcare assistance.

In the clip the band members appear as masked marketers who have gathered a group of artist types with the intent of selling them the freelancer lifestyle: “Barista by day / skateboarder by night.” is the song’s mantra.

They flip the script on corporations/government by espousing taking minimum wage jobs and applying for free/low-pay healthcare in order to accrue enough time to follow creative passions and projects.

And they make it sound sooo easy… Maybe it is?...

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