Italian psych-/alt-rock singer-songwriter unveils a mesmerizing video for a potent track off his upcoming album.

Turin, Italy-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Dario Mangiacasale records under the moniker of Darman. He’ll be releasing his third album Necessità Interiore on April 3rd via Italian label Ayawasca Sciamani Musicali.

Ahead of the LP’s drop-date, Darman is unveiling the mesmerizing video for “Splash,” a potent dark psychedelic alternative rock track from the album.

Rebel Noise is psyched to host the premiere of the video for “Splash.” The guitar-driven, rhythmic number winds around with a pushing drum pace and resounding guitar slide. A heartfelt Darman enunciates clearly in Italian, bursting into exclamations on the vibrant chorus sections that build up to an intense finale.

The video clip features Mangiacasale performing the song in a shadowy room that is illuminated only by lightbulbs and fixtures in various colors and windowpanes divided by dark wooden panels.

His segments are intercut with vivid images of a couple in a passionate embrace, painted up with Day-Glo designs on their bodies.

The music video was directed and photographed by Emanuele Spagnolo.

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