Tupelo, Mississippi: The quaint Southern town that has given birth over the years to Elvis Presley, the American Family Association, and more recently, Cockfight Club. Clearly, Tupelo will be the site of the final battle between Good and Evil in the coming apocalypse.  And Cockfight Club is ready…

Drawing from a vast pool of musical influences including rock, punk, metal, industrial, techno, electro, new-wave, 80’s synth-pop, and all points in between, Cockfight Club serves up a witch’s brew of absinthe-laced musical misanthropy.  Like Elvis, Cockfight Club’s mission is to start a rock and roll revolution, to gyrate their pelvises in front of as many women as possible, and to strike a staggering blow below the Bible Belt.

mp3's and more available at www.cockfightclub.net


Tupelo, Mississippi, USA


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NIN, Gary Numan, Bowie, Manson, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Sabbath, Elvis


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