In a generation loaded to the apex of up-and-coming bands, Last Falling cuts through the seething mass of unsigned bands in and around the Los Angeles/Orange County area and proves to be the last band standing when it's all said and done.

Exploding from the heart of the San Fernando Valley, comes three talented musicians whose influences include Nirvana, Social Distortion, The Ramones, Audioslave, and The Beatles… just to name a few. One might try to classify Last Falling as the newest members of a young crop of musicians who base their style and sound on imitating their predecessors; however, what makes this electrifying trio of musicians stand out is their amazing ability to fuse together grunge and alternative sounding music while giving it a dash of person ass-kicking by supplying enough individuality to take it above the level of mediocrity.

With his ruby red Gibson guitar slung low below his waist, singer/guitarist Bryan Ferguson fronts the band, spewing out what could be fire from his lips. Ferguson teaches his hard lessons learned to a captive audience with an honest approach to life, maintaining the aggression and passionate energy for which grunge rock is known. Edgy guitar riffs are backed by the band's strong rhythm section, bassist James Callaghan and drummer Gabe Valencia, who round out Last Falling's distinctive and dynamic sound.

So as the world settles into yet another generation and as Los Angeles tries to find their next Angel, you will find Last Falling out there with their wings spread, riding the wind of success to their dreams… never falling.


Bryan Ferguson, James Callaghan, Gabe Valencia


Los Angeles, California, USA



Years Active



Nirvana Social Distortion Stone Temple Pilots Audioslave Ramones Beatles


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