Split Decision are a band of friends in Orange County, California that got together one day and decided, "hey lets start a band so we can get into shows for free!" This was a few years back. Since then they did just that. And it was free shows galore for Split Decision! All they had to do was show up and play a few fast songs. After playing the Orange County area they figured that there had to be more shows to get in for free in other cities so they packed their shit and headed out to discover new places! And it was at this time they realized that being in a band was much more than free shows and free beers, it was actually something they did very well. From then on it was all about the music, the shows and the fans. With obvious dedication to the band, Split Decision has been playing on mini tours all over the west coast headlining such venues as the Whisky, The Dragon Fly and many other popular venues. They even have been known to rent their own buses to take there local fans with them, or crash the super cross and throw their own show. The stage show is definitely something to be seen with their fast pace melodies and their humorous antics; no one is safe with good fun. So there you have it. That's who they are.


Ebby, Guitar


Orange County, California, USA



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A shitload of crappy bands


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