Creeping from the cross cultural punk scene in the L.A./SGV comes the band UNDERMIND.

Vocals: Cesar expesses the energy and excitement in his performace as though each and everyone is going to be his best. An energy that draws the crowd into becoming part of the performance.

Rythm Guitar: Jason-Plays with fast energy riffs and solid timing keeps the songs moving with a driving crunch.

Lead Guitar: Archie, Soloing that somehow seems out of control and familiar emblazoned ontop of the solid playing of Jason.

Bass: Brian, Thumping and intricate basslines fill the bottom end of this group giving all the textures their root. Basslines you can feel and keeping the ear candy rolling in.

Drums/Bashing: Punches and bashes, kicks and slams away, keeping the rhythm tight and locked, adding simple dymanics building the song and exploding back into the song, building the energy again and again.

UNDERMIND is interested in all aspects of the Music Industry.

UNDERMIND is interested in any working show. Please call for booking:


Cesar Lead Vocal, Jason Guitar, Archie Guitar/Lead, Bizzy Bass, Pete Drum


Los Angeles, California, USA



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