Kath & The Kicks, an alt-rock act that incorporates twisted gutter garage blues into their signature powerhouse sound, unleashed their new single, Stay Away From Me, on the 22nd of October 2022. The band have been described as dirty, smack-you-in-the-face rock and roll… Filthy garage rock meets Jack White!

Firstly, I guess we’d like to know a little about you. 

We are Kath & The Kicks - Leeds-based rockers. Kath on guitar and vocals, Tony on bass and Matt on drums! Our new single 'Stay Away From Me' has just been released which really captures our live sound; hard-hitting, energetic and LOUD!

Your new track, Stay Away From Me, came out on the 22nd of October. What’s the song about?

'Stay Away From Me' is a power song. It's about re-connecting with your own inner compass, challenging, growing and being the best version of yourself. Once you're in this space, you're able to confidently recognise what's really happening around you and objectively make the best decisions for you. We hope this song will connect with people and help them to channel their inner power.


The band seems to be very active on the live music scene. What is your opinion on the value of performing in regard to the development of a band or artist's reputation? 

Live shows are an essential part of band life. We respect so many bands who have incredible musicality and create inspiring live shows. We work hard to improve our own performing abilities and to make sure our live shows are strong and powerful. Plus it's just loads of fun playing live in front of cool people with your cool people next to you! 

I’ve noticed all your videos have a strong visual presence. How important do you think this media is when releasing new music? 

Visual presence is huge now and like with anything creative, gives you more freedom to enhance your ideas, to express the band and to channel your message. We spend a lot of time really thinking about what the music 'looks' like. You can change the whole perception of a track if you change what people can see.

Mental health is an issue that’s dominating the music press at the moment. What positive practices do you employ to look after yours? 

 As a band, we are very mindful of each others' well-being and indeed, those around us. Our support networks are hugely important to us so it's all about starting at your base, your foundations. It can be an emotional rollercoaster doing music so you have to be grounded! 

Please can you tell me what lyric are you most proud of writing and why? 

'Don't Judge What You Don't Understand'! One of our tunes... as humans we can be really quick to judge. Do we ever really understand anything 'properly' other than our own interpretation on things? 

A number of venues are coming under threat due to issues with the cost of living crisis. Is there anything you think could be done better to help these institutions survive? 

Live venues are such fantastic spaces that are full of interesting ideas. Every time we play somewhere new it's always exciting walking in, seeing what the venue is like...we are never disappointed! So with such amazing spaces, perhaps there is more we could do, more community events, increased access for young people to use these spaces through education, bringing people together in these spaces. 

What is your opinion on the state of the music industry in regard to its view on female musicians? 

There are some amazing musicians making a strong name for themselves at the minute. An interesting way to approach this topic is when we think about the eclectic and diverse nature of the audience. That for us is what shines through most... everybody connects with music. 

Can you tell our readers the best piece of advice you’ve received and its significance? 

What you want isn't always what is best for you... so trust the process and enjoy the ride. 

What did the long periods of isolation over the last few years teach you about yourself your plans for the future? 

For us, it has been all about relying on ourselves as much as possible! Becoming stronger as a team and being really clear about where we're going and what we want to do. We love what we do and will continue on our path, wherever it is taking us.  

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