Fighting Records are a record label based in Orlando, FL. We have national distribution thru Lumberjack Mordam.

Fighting Records has a progressive business model that challenges the archaic concepts that have nearly ruined the music industry. Fighting believes in artist development, the digital medium and offering a product that is a better value proposition than just a download (but that’s not to say Fighting is anti-download). The label’s small roster is a diverse collective that blurs the lines between genres from punk to indie to underground hip-hop.

Our CDs are available nationwide in cool indie record stores like Amoeba, Earshot, Gray Whale, Newbury Comics, Park Ave CDs, Vintage Vinyl, Waterloo, etc. Support your independent store!

You can also buy our releases from the man at stores all over the place like FYE, Tower Records, Virgin Megastore, Strawberries, Coconuts and Specs, etc. Select Best Buy & Hot Topic stores also carry our products.

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