Skeleton Crew is a record label, book publisher, and clothing design company. If we're going to do it, we might as well do it all. Skeleton Crew Records will put out limited edition releases, colored vinyl, picture discs, and things I would want as a record collector. Basically whatever the band wants to do, we will put out. Some of the bands you might have heard of, some of the bands you might not have. The one thing they will all have in common is that we like them, which means they are worth checking out. Skeleton Crew Publications will release books written or illustrated by musicians, artists, athletes, and just all around interesting people who have something to say. We are creating a different forum where art and ideas can be presented. With media some of these artists have not experimented with or explored yet. We will not censor any of the artists, they will have full reign over what they create. Last, but not least, is Skeleton Crew Clothing. This is not a t-shirt company! We'll type it again if you didn't read it the first timethis is not a t-shirt company. We have nothing against t-shirts, some of our best friends wear them, and we enjoy them as well. All I'm trying to say is that Skeleton Crew is a clothing design company; we are in the process of developing a fall/winter line that will involve more than just screen printed t-shirts. You will be able to wear nothing but Skeleton Crew products for weeks straight to any occasion or destination and never think twice about whether your uniform is comfortable, appropriate, or fashionable. The designs are rad, if we must say so. There are teasers on the website for you right now, but well keep you in anticipation of the clothes for a little bit longer. This is a business that has a greater good in mind, Skeleton Crew will donate a portion of all profits to different charitable organizations, decided upon by the artists we work with..

The Scandals

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