A Company Sleeve: The Pretty Flowers’ Resilient Ode to Challenging Authority through Melodic Indie Rock The Pretty Flowers
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Explore the resilient spirit and melodic prowess of LA-based indie rock band The Pretty Flowers as they release their powerful album, A Company Sleeve, defying meaningless authority and finding solace in the art and music they create.

I am pleased to present to you the highly anticipated new album, A Company Sleeve, by LA-based indie rock band The Pretty Flowers. Released on July 14 via Double Helix Records, this album is a testament to the band's talent and creative vision.

A Company Sleeve revolves around the theme of challenging meaningless authority and seeking solace in art and music. Vocalist/guitarist Noah Green explains that the album's inspiration arose from a difficult period in his life, where he faced an oppressive work environment with an intolerable boss. In response, Green channeled the toxic energy into the vibrant and melodious tracks of this album, transforming adversity into musical artistry.

"Baby Food," the first single released in March, exemplifies the band's ability to convey personal struggles through jangly indie rock. The accompanying animated video masterfully combines different media and follows a narrative that includes bicycles, dogs, and a paper route, culminating in an electrifying concert scene. Drawing influence from indie and college rock luminaries such as Guided By Voices, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Superchunk, and Teenage Fanclub, The Pretty Flowers infuse their music with a nostalgic yet fresh sound.

The songwriting process behind A Company Sleeve allowed Green to shed light on the flaws of a system that perpetuates unethical behavior by those in power, leaving the victims helpless. The album resonates with individuals from all walks of life who experience similar situations, navigating oppressive systems in order to survive mentally and economically. A Company Sleeve, ultimately, becomes a beacon of hope and solace amidst a world that often seems overwhelming.

The Pretty Flowers' ability to craft frenetic and melodic compositions on this album speaks to their growth as artists. With a keen sense of musicality and an unyielding spirit, they have created a collection of songs that shed light on the struggles and triumphs of the human experience.


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