Brooklyn’s Fuzz Punk Duo Punt Returns with Blazing New Album: ‘The Heat’ Punt
Label: Trash Casual Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Fuzz punk duo Punt makes a triumphant comeback after 8 years, igniting listeners with their fearless and unapologetic sophomore album, ‘The Heat’.

Brooklyn's Punt, a formidable fuzz punk duo, has resurfaced after an eight-year hiatus, rekindling the fire with their long-awaited sophomore album, "The Heat," slated for release on Friday, September 22, via Trash Casual. This return marks a triumphant reunion of vocalist/bassist Eli Frank and drummer Bill Michel, delivering a relentless barrage of gritty, unapologetic sonic explosions that hit with the force of a knockout punch.

One half of their latest offering, "I'm Bad," unveils a fearless dive into the depths of audacious ambition. Frank's distinctive vocals guide the listener through a journey of uncertainty, embracing the idea of pursuing greatness with a devil-may-care attitude. It's a raw anthem that finds solace in the chaotic ride, even if it leads down a spiraling rabbit hole.

On the flip side, "Take Me Home" doesn't hold back on the power of heavy hooks. Frank unearths the twisted psyche of a boozed-up "macho idiot" itching for a brawl. Punt's knack for unflinching honesty shines through in this audacious portrayal of a gritty reality, painting vivid pictures of unruly urban landscapes.

At the core of Punt's musical persona lies an unwavering conviction, showcased in their brief but potent two-minute manifestos. Eli Frank and Bill Michel's artistic chemistry sets the stage for a no-holds-barred experience, eschewing any semblance of pretense or commercial pandering.

The genesis of Punt can be traced back to the 2010s when they first burst onto the scene with their debut album, "Oil." However, their trajectory was cut short as quickly as it had ignited, leading the two musicians on separate paths. But fate had other plans, as the sweltering heatwave of 2021 drew them back together, rekindling their creative synergy.

"I'm Bad" & "Take Me Home" emerges as an unfiltered, riff-laden tribute to the dark aesthetics of noir. Navigating the grimy underbelly of New York City, the album delves into the depths of Eli Frank's psyche, offering a glimpse into his unfiltered stream of consciousness.

Punt's resurgence shows the bands undying passion for their craft, embracing the uncharted territories of musical expression. With their return, they carve out their own bizarre niche in the punk landscape, "The Heat" serving as proof of their fiery prowess. Brace yourself for an unadulterated and electrifying journey as Punt unleashes their raw power, captivating listeners and reclaiming their place as punk's uncompromising purveyors of truth.


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