Album Review
Label: Burning Heart Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by wishdormir

They’ll rip you a new one…

Erotic homosexual lyrics spouted over a blend of hard fast punk and rock n roll. Hank von Helvete, the lead vocals, calls onto you with his thick accent, Alice Cooper makeup, top hat, and denim fashion. Songs, such as 'Denim Demon' and 'Erection', have catchy tunes and are brilliantly/hilariously written. This album became one of my favorites after the first second I played it.

These denim wearing, darkness preaching and a following of their own (Turbojugend), men from Norway have just finished their reunion tour in the US. I heard, from a number of sources, they put on the best damn performance you will ever see in your life. Rumors circle about infamous 'ass rockets'. I count the days till they return...

They've been around since the 80's but split after one member was committed. Certain albums have been re-released on Epitaph/Burning Heart. Their new CD, Scandinavian Leather was released May 6th. They're currently working on their CD release tour over seas.

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