Bay-area metal band Earth Crawler releases a new single Earth Crawler
Reviewed by Damon

Sounds like metal distraction

On “Aces & Eights,” the snare drum snaps, the guitar and bass pepper riffs, and the vocals cycle through roars, choked screams, and clean singing. It is a recording festooned with snippets of metal. This particular recording peaks at the two-minute mark when the music pauses except for a warmly distorted pop-and-lock riff on the guitar.

“Aces & Eights” is a new single by the metal band Earth Crawler. The band intends to release an EP later this year.

The style suggests that repetition is rehashing, that sustainment begets staleness, and redundancy is unwanted. The sounds scroll by, but almost all of them pass without any attachments or lasting connections having been made, leaving you wondering what you have been doing all this time.

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