Meet Norwegian Punk Hardcore Band The Mansters! The Mansters
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Norwegian Punk Hardcore band The Mansters bring an old school influence on their newest single “The Entertainer”

The Mansters, Norwegian hardcore punk rockers, draw most of their influence from the 80’s and 90’s and it’s apparent on their newest single “The Entertainer” which mixes a Minor Threat style with more modern aesthetics in production. In addition the band adds in big gang vocals and chorus with a pop hook. This comes as the follow up to a handful of EP’s and an LP all since they formed back in 2006. The band hasn’t released anything new in seven years but that streak will end with “The Lessons In Giving Up”, due out on June 2nd via Loyal Blood Records. 
The band says this about the new record, that it’s  “a high-powered and raucous 8-track effort that sees The Mansters merging the raw aggression of punk with the pummeling fury of hardcore. It’s a tried and tested formula that falls somewhere between, Poison Idea, Rotting Out and The Good, The Bad and The Zugly and can create some serious havoc in the moshpit.”

The specific single “The Entertainer” the band says is based on the current cultural climate in Norway, “Norway is a nation of entertainers.  We all play in rock bands and everyone has their own podcast. This song is about seeking attention, acceptance and finding your own place in the Norwegian entertainment hierarchy.” A sentiment that any music fan can appreciate as in the USA as well we have a plethora of attention whores, and there’s a right way and wrong way to go about seeking attention, especially in the music scene.

Musically the production is crisp but feels analog like good early 90’s hardcore and punk. It’s got clarity but enough grit so it feels authentic to the era. A lot of times modern bands almost sound too clean and like they it isn’t a bunch of guys in a room making music with instruments. This has a great feel and energy to it as the shredding guitars and visceral vocals stand on top of a meaty rhythm section. A great start to what I’m sure will be an energetic new LP.

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