This two-disc anthology lives up to the ethics of X. Instead of a greatest hits collection or an assortment of B-sides and curios, this legendary but still humble band, true to their namesake, crosses the two. As history has shown, John, Exene, Billy and DJ are no trendy punkers who jumped on some underground bandwagon, but an essentially roots-inspired combo whose lyrics are just as potent as their music.

Beyond and Back proudly displays 46 skeletons which any band would kill for to exhume from their closet, and true to the punk rock litmus they shine through every form of recorded adversity. An impressive 24-page booklet offers a glimpse into the X mystique. Unreleased gems like "Yr ignition", "Heater", and "Delta 88" burn with a driving, non-filter grit despite their demo quality while signature tunes are given bold remixes. A must for every fan and a perfect intro for any novice in desperate need of a recent history lesson.

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