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Face to Face
Reviewed by Dodge M.
Backed with a tenacity that is remarkable hailing from --everyone knows this is nowhere-- Victorville, CA, Face to Face have been a staple in "the kids are all right" camp of punk rock with their one-two punch rhythms and anthemic choruses riding shotgun along with frontman Trevor Keith's lyrical content often delving into self-exploration and self-realization. It's a trifecta that has given Face to Face the noble description of being a poetic punk rock band.

On their latest musical endeavor, Trevor Keith and company couldn't have picked a more fitting title: Ignorance is Bliss. At first listen, you wouldn't believe this is the Face to Face that leaves kids sweating from hyper-activity at their shows, but the more you listen to it, the more you're drawn to its sonic rock syncopation, reminiscent of a British rock sound. Songs like "Everyone Hates a Know-it-All", "Heart of Hearts", and "Nearly Impossible" will have you pressing the repeat button over and over so you can verify to yourself that what you've heard was Face to Face, and even more importantly to relisten to the unbelievable mastery of the songwriting, with its excellent guitar layering and unforgettable choruses (recommended listening is with headphones on in order to get the album's full effect). As a follow up to their Live album, Ignorance Is Bliss ignores whatever was expected of Face to Face and launches them into a musical bliss that shows an uncanny sense of maturity. And, rather than discounting the fans they have world-wide, this album musically invites them to grow with the band.

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