CHASER Ignites the Punk Scene with Raw Energy in ‘Fault Lines’ Previewing ‘Small Victories’ Album! CHASER
Label: SBÄM Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

CHASER’s latest single “Fault Lines” previews their forthcoming album ‘Small Victories,’ showcasing the band’s signature SoCal punk sound with raw energy and lyrical depth.

CHASER, the SoCal melodic punk stalwarts, are back with a bang, unveiling "Fault Lines," the latest single off their eagerly anticipated new album 'Small Victories.' Produced by the legendary Cameron Webb (known for his work with Motörhead, Pennywise, and Alkaline Trio), this 13-track offering marks the band's triumphant return after a three-year hiatus.

"Fault Lines" encapsulates the quintessential CHASER sound: raw, impassioned, and lyrically profound. The track serves as a poignant exploration of the internal struggles we all face, navigating the delicate balance between self-awareness and personal growth. With its anthemic chorus and driving melodies, "Fault Lines" is a rallying cry for resilience and self-empowerment in the face of adversity.

Accompanying the single is a visually striking music video, amplifying the song's thematic depth and emotional resonanc, the video immerses viewers in a whirlwind of turbulent imagery, mirroring the tumultuous journey depicted in the song.

Thematically, 'Small Victories' is a testament to the band's unwavering resilience and commitment to positivity in the face of life's challenges. Each track serves as a sonic vignette, celebrating the small triumphs that collectively shape our lives and define our journeys.

Illustrating this ethos is the album's captivating cover art, crafted by the talented Sebas Theriault of Sterio Design. Featuring rough seas symbolizing life's ever-changing tides, the artwork serves as a visual metaphor for the band's message of perseverance and self-determination.

In support of 'Small Victories,' CHASER will embark on an extensive overseas tour in July and August, followed by a series of electrifying performances in their native SoCal alongside Diesel Boy in late August.

Tour Dates

Europe July 19-Aug. 3rd

Upcoming shows (w/ Diesel Boy):

Aug 22- Hermosa Beach, CA @ Saint Rocke

Aug 23- Anaheim, CA @ The Parish Room (HOB)

Aug 24- San Diego, CA @ The Holding Company

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