Neon Rayon Bursts onto the Scene with Cosmic Debut EP “ARRIVAL”! Neon Rayon
Label: Mint 400 Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Neon Rayon, a cosmic band with roots in various musical projects, aims to liberate the human spirit through their unique and ethereal debut EP “ARRIVAL.”

Neon Rayon has arrived, seemingly from the depths of cosmic innovation, with a mission to free the human spirit from the suffocating grasp of conventional music. Born in the enigmatic Rayon HQ and summoned to Earth, their debut EP "ARRIVAL" stands as a powerful testament to this mission. The EP features pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies that invite listeners to dance beyond the constraints of the mundane, offering a truly unique sonic journey.

The band’s origins are as mysterious as their sound. Formed in a lab at Rayon HQ, Neon Rayon’s creators used samples from the Music of the Spheres, condensed them to light rays, and directed them towards Earth. The result was a band that materialized much like Jeff Bridges’ character in Starman. "Neon Rayon means spiritual freedom," they explain, embodying their cosmic genesis and their mission through their name.

The members of Neon Rayon have histories rooted in various other musical projects, including Hunchback, Gay Guy Straight Guy, Execütors, Shut Up, Nervous Triggers, Intimidation, Black Wine, Ether Sunday, and Forsooth! Music, they claim, has always been within them, deriving their musical essence from these past projects.

Neon Rayon's writing process is described as fun, noisy, sometimes chaotic, and sometimes melodic, always filled with joy. They draw inspiration from artists like Six Finger Satellite, Flock of Seagulls, Nine Inch Nails, Brainiac, Viagra Boys, The Faint, The Hives, Ministry, Screamers, and Devo. When it comes to live performances, Neon Rayon believes each show should be a unique experience. "Each transmission of ours is like a beautiful tooth inside a set of chompers," they say, emphasizing that while no two performances are the same, they all contribute to their overarching message.

Their new album outside of their alien persona is good indie electro punk kind of like if you took New Order and Nine Inch Nails and forced them to make a record together but with modern aesthetics. Definitely one of the more interesting bands from Asbury Park an area known for more traditional rock bands in the vein of Bruce Springsteen. But it seems Neon Rayon and their label mates are breaking down that trope and doing whatever the hell they want to, and it should be applauded. Look for the band in the next couple weeks at Jersey City's Pet Shop, Salty's in South Jersey and on June 8th at Randall's Island at the Punk Island Fest!

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