Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Mr. Phylzzz is a noisey post punk, metal infused duo from Chicago that brings the noise on their upcoming album Cancel Club Culture.

Mr. Phylzzz, is a Chicago post punk, metal infused noise duo that certainly entertain on the first single "Mr. Entertainer" from Cancel Club Culture. "Mr. Entertainer" has the quiet loud dynamic down pat and interjects harsh loud fuzzed up guitars to end the delicate palm muted quiet vocal part of the song, but then quickly jumps right back to the quiet. It's like they are giving you a taste of the noise before they let you indulge fully in it. 

Accoring to the band "Formed in late 2015, Mr.Phylzzz (pronounced mr. flyzzz) is an ever changing monster of noise. Over time the duo formed a heavy wall of sound filled with hooky riffs and melodic vocals that create a chaotic storm that's worth the painful wall of cranked amps and exploding drums.". This is a fun listen and makes any listener want to check out the full destruction live in a club or some dank basement. The overall band aesthtetic is dark and post apocalyptic and plays well with the type of music the band plays. The album art and mood of the video only help to enhance the bleakness that the band portrays. The song titles like "Jesus With A Shaved Head", "In Memory of A House Plant" and "I Took A Selfie At The Protest So Now I'm A Good Person" all are intriguing and make me definitely want to check out the rest of this album when it drops in October. This band definitely has a good sense of humor and have branded themselves perfectly. Hope you enjoy "Mr. Entertainer" as much as I did!

The limited run of CD's is available right now on tour. "Cancel Culture Club" is coming out on October 1st and available for pre-orders on Bandcamp 

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