Label: Mint 400 Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Have you ever heard one of those bands that combines a bunch of genre’s to flawlessly make great songs? If you haven’t meet Baltimore band Brunswick

Brunswick formed in Baltimore, MD in early 2022 after vocalist/guitarist Marc Cashin decided to record some of the songs he had written over the years. The goal was to record a small demo, just guitar & vocals, and keep it as a historical record of what he had written. After receiving some not-so-subtle encouragement to dive deeper and record a full EP, it was time to put a band together. With that in mind, Marc reached out to long-time friend and drummer, Jamaal Turner (Underlined Passages). Jamaal and Marc had previously played in a band together and although they had spent years working on projects separately, the chance to make music together again was a no-brainer. 

Brunswick's forthcoming album this October has bits and pieces of everything from folk to pop, soul to country all mixed together to make well written singer songwriter Americana gems. First I have to commend any band that can have eight members and function, let alone just schedule rehearsals. These days as most bands shrink out of conveinence and sometimes are just one guy who automates everything I think there is excitement in a band that does it the old fashioned way with a bunch of great musicians all together on stage. It brings a certain kind of energy to the performance that sometimes is lacking with more robotic acts. 

"Everyone really came to life and made these songs their own." according to Marc Cashin, the band's frontman. While the framework for most of the songs may have already been in place, you can definitely hear influences from the band's drastically different musical tastes and backgrounds. Their first LP, The Same Ground, is an eclectic mix of songs that sound both familiar yet refreshingly different. The band says that no matter what type of music you like, there is probably something here for you to enjoy and it really is easy to see why Brunswick's fanbase is as eclectic as the band itself.  

Today we are happy to premiere the track "Good Stuff" from the bands upcoming album The Same Ground:

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