Codeseven Roars Back After 20-Year Hiatus with ‘Go Let It In,’ a Melodic Hardcore Masterpiece Codeseven
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Codeseven, the influential ‘90s/‘00s North Carolina melodic hardcore band, makes a triumphant return after 20 years with their album “Go Let It In,” a sonic masterpiece that embraces timeless themes and a DIY spirit

In the heart of Winston-Salem, where the echoes of melodic hardcore still reverberate through the streets, Codeseven is set to unleash a sonic storm with their first album in two decades, titled "Go Let It In." The prodigious return is a testament to the band's enduring spirit and a celebration of their influential legacy.

Equal Vision Records, the legendary indie rock label, is the proud host of this musical resurrection, scheduled to hit the airwaves on December 1. The anticipation for "Go Let It In" is palpable, with fans eagerly pre-saving and pre-adding the album, recognizing the rarity of a band resurfacing after such a prolonged hiatus.

The lead single, "Hold Tight," is a graceful behemoth that encapsulates the universal experience of young love, encapsulated within the ephemeral magic of a dance party. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of two lovers, bathed in the glow of the night, yearning for time to stand still. The accompanying music video, helmed by director/cinematographer/editor Justin H. Reich, adds visual poetry to the already poignant narrative.

Codeseven's journey began in 1995 when three brothers and a group of close friends in Winston-Salem formed the band. Their debut EP, "Paper Or Plastic," released in 1996 on Huel Records, marked the inception of a sound that would evolve and resonate across the melodic hardcore scene.

The band's bold rendition of Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" in their 1998 full-length offering, "A Sense of Coalition," propelled them into the college radio Top 10, firmly establishing their presence. Subsequent releases, including the experimental "Division of Labor" EP, garnered praise from critics and fans alike, pushing the boundaries of the genre.

Codeseven's evolution continued with "The Rescue," produced by Alex Newport, and tours with notable acts like Coheed and Cambria, Dredg, Poison the Well, and Hopesfall. Their exploration of darker, more electronic sounds culminated in the 2004 album "Dancing Echoes / Dead Sounds," setting the stage for their eventual comeback with "Go Let It In."

In the true spirit of DIY, Codeseven embarked on the creation of "Go Let It In," tracking all instruments in their respective homes. Co-producer Jeremy Griffith joined forces with the band to craft a massive set of songs that surpass the challenges of time and nostalgia.

As Codeseven gears up for the album release show on December 15 at The Ramkat, alongside Hopesfall and Spirit System, the excitement is palpable. The stage is set for a triumphant return, and "Go Let It In" promises to be a masterpiece that not only honors the band's legacy but also propels them into a new era of melodic hardcore greatness. Get ready to witness the resurrection of Codeseven, as they invite you to "Go Let It In" and experience the magic of their timeless sound once again.

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