The Manikins Resurrect Swedish Garage Punk Glory with ‘Swedish Woods’ Album The Manikins
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Swedish garage punk rock stalwarts, The Manikins, are poised for a triumphant return with their sixth studio album. A raw and sophisticated sonic journey into the heart of of rock n roll roots.

In the dimly lit caverns of Swedish rock'n'roll, The Manikins emerge like a blazing phoenix, ready to set the world ablaze with their forthcoming album, "Swedish Woods." These garage punk rock maestros, formed in the year 2000, have returned with a vengeance, signing on with Lövely Records for their sixth studio venture.

Known for their raucous live performances that have reverberated through the European underground garage punk scene, The Manikins have taken their time in the shadows, honing their craft and emerging with a primal explosion of Swedish rock energy. With a history of traversing continents, including a memorable US tour in 2009, they're set to ignite stages once again.

"Swedish Woods" is a sonic journey through the roots of rock'n'roll, a 31-minute escapade featuring 12 brand-new tracks. Recorded and produced in their own Omega Studios in Nyköping, mixed and mastered by the skilled Joakim Forsberg, the album promises to be a wild ride. The band delves into the dark and massive woods of Sweden, crafting a sound that is hard-hitting, trashy, and irresistibly timeless.

In the midst of pandemic-induced solitude, The Manikins have explored the world of primitive rock'n'roll, infusing their music with a twist of finesse that captivates and demands repeated listens. Their commentary on contemporary struggles is embedded in the beats and sounds, creating an experience that is both raw and sophisticated.

The Manikins' journey, starting in Nyköping two decades ago, the band has shown the enduring power of garage punk. Influenced by the likes of Teengenerate and The Devil Dogs, their evolution has seen them become a revered name in the underground scene. After a hiatus, they reformed in 2017, releasing "Bad Times" in 2018. Plans for a triumphant return to the stage were thwarted by the pandemic.

Now, with "Swedish Woods," The Manikins are ready to slam dunk the ball of primitive rock'n'roll once more. As the album's release date approaches, anticipation mounts, and fans prepare for a wild ride through the dark and massive woods of Sweden, guided by the fiery spirits of The Manikins. "Swedish Woods" is set to drop on the 17th of November, 2023, available on black vinyl, orange vinyl, and all major streaming platforms. Fans can already pre-order the album on The Manikins' Bandcamp page. 

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