Coliseum Revives Hardcore Spirit with New Single ‘You Might Be Dead’ Ahead of Anniversary Shows and Album Release Coliseum
Label: Equal Vision Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Coliseum, the revered hardcore band, makes a powerful comeback with their new single “You Might Be Dead,” preceding their 20th-anniversary shows and the release of their latest album, “Infinity Shit.

Coliseum, the celebrated hardcore band hailing from the depths of underground punk, has reemerged from a nine-year hiatus with a thunderous roar. Their latest single, "You Might Be Dead," released on Bandcamp, marks a triumphant return to the scene, setting the stage for their upcoming 20th-anniversary shows this weekend at Planet of the Tapes in Louisville, KY.

Crafted during intense rehearsals for the milestone performances, "You Might Be Dead" encapsulates the raw energy and ferocity that defined Coliseum's earlier works. Lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Patterson reflects on the band's journey, noting how the new single channels the same spirit that fueled their iconic albums like 'House With A Curse' and 'Sister Faith.'

Lyrically, "You Might Be Dead" delves into themes of defiance, resilience, and remembrance, paying homage to departed musicians whose legacies continue to inspire. It's a poignant tribute wrapped in blistering riffs and relentless percussion—a testament to Coliseum's unwavering commitment to their craft.

While Coliseum's legacy looms large in the annals of punk history, their recent endeavors have taken unexpected turns. Patterson, alongside bandmates Kayhan Vaziri and Carter Wilson, ventured into separate musical projects during the hiatus. Yet, the allure of their collective chemistry drew them back together, culminating in the creation of "You Might Be Dead" and their latest album under the moniker C.L.S.M., titled 'Infinity Shit.'

Released via Equal Vision Records, 'Infinity Shit' defies categorization, blending elements of hardcore punk with a relentless urgency that mirrors the chaos of modern life. With tracks tackling themes of societal decay and existential turmoil, the album serves as a blistering critique of contemporary culture.

Although initially conceived as a separate endeavor from Coliseum, 'Infinity Shit' bears the unmistakable imprint of its creators. Raw, unapologetic, and urgent, it stands as a testament to the band's evolution while staying true to their roots.

As Coliseum embarks on their anniversary shows and continues to push boundaries with their latest offerings, one thing remains clear: their impact on the punk landscape is as undeniable as ever. With "You Might Be Dead" leading the charge, the band proves that even after a nine-year hiatus, their spirit burns brighter than ever before.

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