The Corps Unleash Ferocious New Single “Dog Of War” The Corps
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

The Corps’ latest single “Dog Of War” showcases their relentless punk energy and thematic depth, setting the stage for their upcoming sophomore album and a series of electrifying tours.

Canadian skatepunk stalwarts The Corps are back with a vengeance, dropping their latest single "Dog Of War" amidst a lineup shake-up that sees the addition of seasoned Vancouver punk rockers Morgan Farrell and Dave Derksen. The track, a blistering testament to the band's enduring prowess, serves as a thrilling taste of what's to come from this formidable band.

"Diving into the thematic depths of the DC comic book universe, The Corps weave a tale of cosmic conflict and personal turmoil with 'Dog Of War'," explains the band. Drawing inspiration from the saga of Orion, son of Darkseid, the song encapsulates the seething rage of an individual grappling with their alien identity and the weight of destiny.

Fronted by the dynamic Dan Garrison and fueled by the thunderous rhythms of drummer Dan Stenning, The Corps have long captivated audiences with their melodic yet incendiary punk sound. Their discography, including standout releases like "In Brightest Day" and "Tales From 2814," has garnered international acclaim, solidifying their status as one of Canada's premier punk acts.

The band prides itself on unwavering dedication, The Corps emerged from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with their EP "From Oblivion," paving the way for a successful European tour and a burgeoning partnership with Merit-Based Booking. Now, with their sophomore album on the horizon, the band shows no signs of slowing down.

With lyrics that cut to the bone and riffs that ignite the senses, "Dog Of War" is a visceral anthem that showcases The Corps at the height of their creative powers. As they gear up for an Eastern Canada tour alongside Darko and a Western Canada tour with Authority Zero, fans can expect nothing short of sonic mayhem from this relentless force in punk rock.

In a landscape filled with musical imitators, The Corps stand as a beacon of authenticity and raw energy. With "Dog Of War," they reaffirm their position as torchbearers of the skatepunk genre, igniting listeners anticipation for what's next from this unstoppable outfit.

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