Album Review
Label: Epitaph
Reviewed by Andre Lozoya

After a three year period from their last full-length recording (The Dwarves are Young and Good Looking), the infamous Dwarves release The Dwarves Come Clean on Epitaph. For fans of the cretin band, this eagerly-awaited recording will not disappoint.


The mix of the music on the CD stretches from industrial-punk noise, "Over You," to more pop-friendly songs, like "Better Be Women." But throughout the changes in music, the band manages to keep the intensity level full throttle with their manic blend of destructive lyricism, sonic violence, and ruff-ass guitar work. This stuff is definitely unabashed Rock & Roll, not that pop-punk shit you hear on those "modern rock" radio stations.


If you love sex, violence, and a dose of evil in your Rock & Roll, this album won't let you down. You gotta buy it, muthafukker!

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