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Angel City Outcasts
Label: Sailors Grave Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by thebronx
Angel City Outcasts formed in 2002 and have since putting their music where your mouth is. Tossing out the whine and pumping whiskey into their music ACO have really set a standard for punk rock, as we know it today. Taking on a storytelling persona and a thirst for punk rock lead singer Alex Brugge and the other four members of his band create a unique sound.

Right out of the streets and into the studio this album came out sounding like it was made to prove a point and I feel that what they were trying to say, was said. ACO really took the time out in their lyrics to talk and tell a story, whatever that story may be.

Now take any rock band from the 60's or 70's or even today and mix them with any punk band and you get ACO. Their drunken lyrics and their attitude with a grungy vocal sound is a really great theme.

Although this album really produced what they have been doing since 02 I feel that it could of used a bit of a change off, something different. I rate an album by a system that if I can not listen to it all the way through then its missing something. Really great punk album but I felt it could use a change.

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