Album Review
Label: Equal Vision Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by thebronx
Who better to take on an emo nasty nation with a yearning for hardcore promise then YouInSeries? YouInSeries Refers to putting yourself into a series of events, basically not letting things pass you by. Everyone can see a bit of that phrase in themselves but for creative writing student and guitarist for the band Logan Lanning lives by this. Not only do he and the rest of the band live by this they preach it in their music.

With this melodic and melodious album YouInSeries take their life experiences and throw them out at the listener like a game pong. Pong? Yes I really felt what YouInSeries music and lyrics in the album did was reflect back in forth but not all in the same pattern, the album varies in tones really well and made this moody album come to life.

YouInSeries put a lot of hard work into this and you can tell this by each song is something different and has new meaning each time. Take time to listen to what they have to say and enjoy the melody and I guarantee that it wont disappoint you.

YouInSeries toured independently for about two years and went across the country and then comes along Equal Vision Records giving YouInSeries an outlet for there extremely well balanced harmonies and vocals which everyone will know as "Outside We are Fine"

YouInSeries are: Kyle Lobeck, Logan Lanning, Chris Davila, Jacob Kirkegard, and Cheyne Smith and you can catch them coming to a town near you. If you want to see what this magic I speak of please go to and I promise I wont have wasted your time.

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