Dream Home: Pittsburgh’s Melodic Trailblazers Return with ‘Hold On So Tough’ Dream Home
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Pittsburgh’s Dream Home, led by Jaren Love, returns with the sophomore album ‘Hold On So Tough,’ a poignant exploration of life’s challenges and resilience, showcasing their melodic prowess in the indie-rock scene.

Dream Home, the Pittsburgh-based trio, has resurfaced with their sophomore endeavor, 'Hold On So Tough,' signaling a significant chapter in their musical narrative. Fronted by Jaren Love, formerly of Pittsburgh's esteemed band The Lampshades, Dream Home is rounded out by Joe Praksti from Rave Ami on bass and Pittsburgh's multi-instrumentalist, Sam Winward, on drums. Since their inception in 2019, the band has been honing their distinctive sound, blending poignant lyrics with captivating melodies reminiscent of indie-rock's golden era.

Following their self-titled debut in 2021, 'Hold On So Tough' continues Dream Home's tradition of crafting introspective narratives set against lush, melodic soundscapes. The album explores themes of nostalgia, aging, and the passage of time, encapsulating a resilience born from life's adversities, a sentiment echoing profoundly in today's tumultuous world.

Dream Home's journey is characterized by their deep connection to music and unwavering commitment to artistic expression. As they gear up for the album launch show at The Government Center in Pittsburgh on February 17, the band offers insights into their creative process, inspirations, and aspirations.

The band's inception dates back to late 2018 or early 2019 when Jaren Love and Sam Winward began collaborating musically, later joined by Joe Praksti. Reflecting on the band's name, Jaren shares, "Dream Home was a placeholder for solo demos, ironically inspired by the foreclosure crisis and millennial financial instability." The moniker encapsulates a journey—dreams, aspirations, and the realities they navigate.

Dream Home's musical tapestry draws from diverse influences, ranging from indie icons to classic rock legends. Jaren's musical evolution, spanning from The Lampshades (Jaren's former band) to Dream Home, reflects a rich tapestry of experiences and inspirations. For Dream Home, songwriting is a deeply personal endeavor rooted in moments of inspiration and introspection. Their collaborative process sees melodies and lyrics evolve into fully-fledged compositions, enriched by the collective energy of the band.

Dream Home's philosophy on live performances champions authenticity over replication. Their shows embody the essence of their music—dynamic, emotive, and uniquely resonant. As they anticipate future tours and performances, the band remains committed to delivering unforgettable experiences for their audience.

With 'Hold On So Tough' dropping earlier this month, Dream Home embarks on a new chapter in their musical odyssey, remaining steadfast in their commitment to artistic integrity and creative exploration. Their journey stands as a testament to the enduring power of music to inspire, captivate, and move us in an ever-changing world.

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