Album Review
Misfits, The
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
Could it possibly be that The Misfits' (well, the "real" Misfits, with Glenn Danzig at the helm) greatest album was that which said frontman favored least? Why, ab-so-lutely! (Well, at least for this reviewer, who's hard-pressed to find others of like mind, having even seen it been called "shit." Perhaps not coincidentally, shortly after 'Earth A.D.'s late-'83 release, Glenn disbanded The Misfits...)

Yeah, 'Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood' (which featured the line-up of Danzig, bassist Jerry Only, guitarist/speed demon Doyle, and one-time Black Flag drummer Robo pounding out utterly maniacal beats) marked a noted departure from the band's more Ramones-y-melodic-catchy-kinda-poppy-punk for which they will forever be remembered, in the quest for, what Jerry Only describes as a Motorhead-meets-Misfits style. The resultant sound on this nine-track, about 15-minute-long album is a whirlwind barrage of noise that's impossibly fast, blazing and heavy, aggressive thrash, almost primitive in its brutality and murky, shoddy production.

One thing not straying from the norm is the B-horror movie imagery-saturated lyrics found on the album, what with songs like the vicious "Demonomania", "Queen Wasp" ("Human-looking from the thorax up/Human stomach and a tiny waist/My God we're living the life of/My God we're wasting what I hold"), and "Bloodfeast" (When you think of severed heads think of my face/Think that you're alive/Well, I guess I fooled you"), to name a few...

Truly, though, this album is memorable for its unabashed thrash. It's relentless for seven straight tracks, up until the penultimate offering, "Bloodfeast", which ushers in ヨ albeit briefly ヨ a moment of clarity, as the tempo diminishes for this lone slower song, which perhaps because of it's differing sound/tempo is one of the best. In any case, with "Hellhound", the finale, the blazing speed that encompasses a vast majority of 'Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood' is back, and all is right with the world.

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