Earth Mother Fucker Bring Vivacious Noisy Rock For The Last 3 Decades! Earth Mother Fucker
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

With 30 years under their belt, Earth Mother Fucker have a classic sound meshing genres like shoegaze, punk, grunge, rock and more

Earth Mother Fucker, an Anglo-American noise rock five-peice from the UK are set to release IVF on November 11, 2022 via Antigen Records. Active since 1988, EMF achieved notoriety during Independent Venue Week in January of 2020 - and IVF captures that brief moment in history.

Don't confuse EMF with their younger, more attractive namesake; these industry hardened self-proclaimed malcontents rock harder than a lot of contemporaries half their age. IVF starts off with the Sonic Youth meets MC5 "Sister European Son." "We lost control again," MacGregor warbles in a "I don't give a damn" gravely battle cry. The sixth track, "I Fuck Therefore I Am," opens with shrieking guitars and the unwavering pounding of drums - akin to if Bonham and Strummer started a band in 1993. The subculture of the late 80's to mid 90's influence with hints of punk writhe pervasively in IVF's instrumentation, giving this collection of songs a distinct old-school sound.

To continue to release music 30 years into a long hard career in the music industry, and during a time when youth and fleeting trends are applauded, is more than admirable - it's inspiring. Comradery and authenticity shine through EMF's new live album. Here's to the grit, experience and perseverance it takes to make a good record.

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