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Geeks, The
Label: Think Fast! Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by John B.
These guys are from Seoul, South Korea and billed as South Korea's only straight-edge band. Their sincerity is a throwback to the hardcore glory days of old. They tackle important topics the way an intelligent and talented hardcore band should.

Influenced by the sing-along anthems of 80's American hardcore such as Youth Of Today and Uniform Choice they stay true to the tried and tested formula but don't take that in a bad way. They do great, positive hardcore that I'm sure have the crowds singing along to every word.

The Geeks have toured with the likes of Kill Your Idols, Ensign, Champion, Down To Nothing, Outbreak, and The First Step. Ryan O'Connor from Outbreak also does guest vocals on "Every Time We Fall".

"The greatest thing in life does not lie in never falling," proclaims vocalist Ki, "but in rising every time we fall."

RIYL: Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Judge

Track List:

01. Open Your Eyes

02. What We Believe

03. Appreciation

04. Let It Fade

05. See It Through

06. My Foundation

07. Respect

08. ?? ? ?? (As We Speak)

09. Pushed Aside

10. What It Takes

11. Search

12. Every Time We Fall

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