Experimental Maestro Ditner: Unveiling the Sonic Odyssey of Cincinnati’s Indie Sensation Ditner
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Ditner, the Cincinnati-based experimental artist, has taken listeners on a sonic odyssey, evolving from parallel universes to collaborative ventures, with each release pushing the boundaries of music and creativity.

In the the space of indie music's creative cosmos, there emerges an enigmatic figure hailing from the heartland of Cincinnati, Ohio. A maestro of the unconventional, a virtuoso of experimentation, Joshua Deitner is the man behind the moniker, Ditner. His journey through soundscapes takes us on a kaleidoscopic ride, a ride that began with the debut of "Future is Fine" in October 2022 and has since spiraled into an ever-evolving tapestry of sonic artistry.

Deitner's debut, "Future is Fine," was a metaphysical expedition into the weight of existence within parallel universes. It was a heady concoction of reverberating guitar pedal-effected keys, a sonic potion that left listeners oscillating between dimensions. But Ditner wasn't content to rest in the folds of his own creation; he embarked on a musical odyssey that would see his soundscapes evolve and morph.

The sophomore offering, "Cast In Stone, Colored In Rose," which graced our ears in January 2023, was a mellower, introspective affair. Live strings, horns, and piano wove together a sonic tapestry that spoke of retrospection and introspection. It was a testament to Ditner's chameleon-like ability to adapt and experiment with different musical textures.

"Imaginary Conversations," the May 2023 release, beckoned us into the realm of the unreal, a place where human interactions longed for but never realized found solace in harmonic sequences driven by layered synth, electric piano, and sampled studio noise. It was a testament to Ditner's penchant for creating sonic landscapes that could be simultaneously ethereal and tangible. July 2023 brought "Vision Release," a four-track opus that could only be described as claustraphobic chamber post-rock. With pretzel-like harmonies played by piano and vocals, augmented by strings, horns, bells, hand percussion, and slide guitar, it was a cacophony of sounds that kept listeners on the edge of their musical seats. 

And now, as we hurtle toward the end of 2023, Ditner is gearing up to unleash "Figures" on October 27th. This latest offering promises to be a veritable sonic smorgasbord, featuring traditional drum sets and percussion, monophonic synthesizers, and layered guitars. It's not just an evolution; it's a musical revolution. Deitner delves into the realms of NYC post-punk, shoegaze, gospel, R&B, traditional jazz, British electronic, and desert rock, weaving a tapestry of influences that is bound to captivate and challenge the sonic sensibilities of his audience. "I'm Still" arrived as the first single in September, teasing us with a taste of the audacious sonic journey ahead. "Swallowed Whole" is set to follow on October 13th, promising a shoegaze-infused orchestral experience.

To understand Ditner's music, one must delve into the mind of the man himself. Deitner's musical journey began with classical piano performance, but he soon found himself on a different path, pursuing degrees in music performance, recording technology, and music business. It was a journey marked by collaborations and bands, from indie-folk outfit Auk to his partnership with Chris Bump in The Parallels. It's the latter collaboration that continues to bear fruit even today, with Ditner and Iffer joining forces as musical kindred spirits.

Deitner's inspiration now is not merely visceral but philosophical. He looks up to artists who preach freedom, those who break the shackles of convention and redefine genres. Radiohead, with their concept-driven albums like "Kid A," "The Smile," and "Bodysong," hold a special place in his heart. Sigur Ros, the architects of musical freedom, have shaped his definition of beauty. The Flaming Lips and The National taught Deitner a valuable lesson – the power of imperfection. Their distinctive vocal styles initially challenged his notions of what vocals should sound like, but over time, he came to appreciate their uniqueness. Interpol, with their rhythm section, left an indelible mark on his musical psyche. But it's not just the legends that inspire Ditner; he's attuned to the contemporary scene as well. The Japanese House's melodies and production techniques have enraptured him, showcasing his openness to the ever-evolving landscape of music.

As 2023 draws to a close, Ditner is far from resting on his laurels. He's collaborating with other artists on a project that promises to break new ground and challenge his creative boundaries. He's also cooking up a collection of songs that promise to be a departure from his previous works.

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