Faire Osciller Offer Up A Brand New Ramone’s Inspired Power Pop Single! Faire Osciller
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Music veterans Tim Williams (Soft Swells) and AJ Toby (Ultra Major, The Minus Scale) offer up a banger to get Summer started right!

“Still I struggle with the timeline, life is short, please don’t take mine” sings Tim Williams(Soft Swells) on Faire Osciller's new Ramones-inspired power pop single.Tim’sbig, fuzzy guitars and the thunder of AJ Tobey's (Ultra Major) bass will knock you offyour feet from the get-go, and blaze through the full minute-and-a-half duration of thesong. The lyrics serve as a reminder of how everything in life needs balance, but evenwhen we achieve that, most things are still out of our control. This is something you canonly learn over time, and AJ and Tim have a combined resume that speaks to decadesof experience. They met around 15 years ago in a bar in Portsmouth, NH while Tim wastouring one of his 3 solo records. From that point on they set off to start a band and it isonly now that they found the right circumstances to write their first chapter. They werejoined in the recording studio (remotely) by the mighty JackLawless who is thebackbone of DNCE and Jonas Brothers for FAIRE OSCILLER’s Tom Beaujour-produced debut out in 2023 via Brooklyn based label Trash Casual.

What are the essential qualities that make a good musician? 

A good musician has 3 key attributes in my opinion: 1. They are infectiously creative and inspiring to be around. 2. They have a deep range of influences sonically that can be called upon to reference if needed. 3. They are at a skill level with their instrument that is neither beginner or pro. If someone is too green, they will hold you up, if someone has too much knowledge they won't use their instinct of heart in their playing or writing.

What is the basis for writing music that stands out in the year 2023?

Keep it hooky and to the point. Cut the fat. Make the listener want more. 

What is like working with an indie record label as opposed to working on your own? 

Indie labels provide a concentrated community of artists that support and advocate for eachother with the goal of everyone growing and becoming successful together. 

What would you say are specific songs and songwriters that changed the way you write music? 

It depends on the project. Faire Osciller was influenced by Cloud Nothings, The Menzingers, Joyce Manor and Spanish Love Songs for our debut for me personally.  

Do you find it hard to be inspired by artists that are younger than you or do you find instances of their energy being helpful motivation? Can you name any new artists you find inspiring? 

No, I love seeing younger artists kill it. Momma and The Beths are both incredible.

For your current release what was some of the lyrical content, title of the album and overall vibe inspired by? 

Faire Osciller's debut lyrics are all about personal struggle and the growth you will find if you don't stay stagnant. The name for the band means "to sway or swing, move or vibrate" in French which really speaks to what we hope to communicate. When you are on the move, you are experiencing life - good or bad - but learning along the way. 

Do you find you pine over writing songs and hold on to them a long time before including them on a record or do you prefer to write them, get them out and then be done with them? Do you ever re-visit old material to do a re-write or once it's done it's done? 

I write songs very quickly. All of these were written and recorded in a few weeks. If the song isn't finished the first time around I scrap it completely.  

For your future endeavors do you plan to take anything, like lessons learned whether it be in the songwriting or recording process from this current record into the next project? 

Yes, I loved how we all recorded our parts remotely out of necessity, but the goal for the next one would be to spend some time in Tom Beaujour's (our producers) studio in Union City, NJ.


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