Album Review
Latchkey Kids|Walk Proud|Homeowners|Bullet Treatment
Label: Basement Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
Finally a four way comp with balls and diversity. Four bands chugging out old school hardcore the old fashioned way. With integrity and differentiating styles. The problem with the new school is they rehash speed metal riffs over hardcore drumbeats. All bands here do their own take on the genre with great outcomes. DC area band Latchkey deliver early Government Issue style mayhem with plenty of beef and thought provoking lyrics. So. Cal. mainstay Walk Proud, deliver high decibel action with the flavorings of Uniform Choice meets early period Agnostic Front and vocals rants about self appreciation and unity. Tough stuff kiddies. East coast power pusher The Homeowners deliver just the right amount of crunch with some inspirational and well crafted growling vocals. Let us not forget Bullet Treatment. This band is California's best kept secret churning out classic punk on past releases and this time out showing hardcore who the real deal actually is. By and large, this release keeps the faith and proves that hardcore doesn't have to be metal to be brutal.

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