Album Review
Label: Grave Mistake Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Morganb
I have to be honest when giving a review. I don't want to lead people to listening to a CD which I feel wasn't up to par. I gave this band a three out of five for one reason: the instruments. I really enjoyed the instrumentals used in every one of their songs. They have great variety and excellent use of what they have.

However, when the singer started singing, I cringed. I wasn't sure if it was their normal type of vocals or maybe it was just to make that one song special from all the rest. The vocals were deep and scratchy as if they were trying to be goth. But it wasn't even good goth music. I like bands that scream and let it all out, but they didn't let anything out, they seemed to want to hold it all in, in a deep, hellish voice.

86Mentality has a great mix of punk and rock, but I think if they really want to get further in their career, they need to find a new singer. It almost seemed as if they were trying to be something that they weren't. Although I couldn't really figure out what they were trying to be.

As if I didn't make it clear, the band would be great with a new vocalist. Try finding a sample first before buying the CD.

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