Album Review
Business, The
Label: BYO Records
  • 2/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
Everything you've grown to expect from this Streetpunk dinosaur. Songs about soccer (football if your anything other than American), beer, and hooligan tom foolery. Yeah, The Business is much older, not much wiser, but still the powerhouse behemoth we all love. 12 powerhouse anthems (I think the band only write anthems now a days) that breed party behaviour, team loyalty and weekend psychosis. Even though I am by no means a fan of soccer, I do appreciate the rough and ready approach this band keeps bringing to this genre. While most bands try to carbon copy the bands of old, this band is one of the genre's pioneer poster children. So the band has no choice but to carry the flag, forge ahead and reinvent the rules as they slugger on. I'll raise a pint to The Business any day of the week.

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