Album Review
Allergic to Whores
Label: Rodent Popsicle Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
I have been singing the praises about this Ohio area band for a couple years now and the praises don't stop here. What more can I say about a band that sings about personal tragedy and still manages to inspire. A band that aggressively spins tales of imminent destruction but leaves one with feelings of hope in an era of despair. Brutal in attack, but yet poetic in an off kilter lyrical stance. I love aggressive music that isn't rehashed metal riffs, but manages to embrace punk and hardcore's original intention of enlightenment through massive decibel levels. The music may leave you deaf, but the content makes it all clear again. Another strong release by a band that plays by it's own rules.

-Larry Luz

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