Album Review
Havoc, The
Label: Punkcore Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
Stylistically (both musically and in the dress-up department) The Havoc go the early '80s second wave English punk route, sporting the spiky, painted, leather, studs and acne look. Aggressive guitars, pulse pounding drums and over the top snarling vocals. As musicians, The Havoc has its sound down to a capital "T". In fact, a little to close to the originals if you ask me. Influence wise you hear undertones (or in this case, overtones) of Discharge, GBH, Cockney Rejects and the Varukers. The songs however are a little suspect here as "Nothing To Prove" sounds identical to the Cockney Rejects "The Greatest Cockney Rip Off" and the clever guitar riffing of "Live or Die" sounds if it was lifted from a GBH tune, circa '82. In fact, every song on this disc sounds like it came from the collective works of the bands that influenced it. If imitation is the greatest compliment to the original, than those old English punk bastards must feel good. The Havoc prove to be a good cover band. This is a strong release musically, just not original in its delivery. When this band finds its true voice, I'm positive heads will roll.

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