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Label: Sub Pop Records
Reviewed by Dodge M.

...Rock and Roll Band in the World

To make the lofty claim of being the greatest rock and roll band in the world requires a leap of faith for a band and its fans. But for anyone familiar with The Supersuckers the claim would only put a smile on their face because the Supersucker message has always been filled more with wit than sincerity. Although The Supersuckers aren't a band to laugh at, there's no need to argue whether they are the greatest rock and roll band in the world. You either get the joke or you don't.

Through numerous record label changes, The Supersuckers have amassed a number of rock and roll punk nuggets that shine brightly on this best of collection released by Subpop; twenty-seven to be exact. In accordance with Subpop's "Anthology" series of CD's, this collection showcases genuine punk rock ditties which always bring Supersucker pleasure to their live audience. And of course there's the bonus of two new songs "Givin' It Away" and "Beat to Shit". But wait, that's not all....two rare tracks also appear from the OG days in Arizona and the cut "Before They Make Me Run" features country rock-dude Steve Earle. And if that wasn't enough, the hard to find rendition of Ice Cube's "Dead Homiez" and a reworking of a Willie Nelson original, which features Mr. Nelson, should place you in Supersucker nirvana.

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