Album Review
Holding On
Label: One Percent Records
Reviewed by Stephen Rafael
Holding On may be just another hardcore band from Minneapolis, but JUST ANOTHER DAY, their debut full-length album, is not just another hardcore record. In fact, I totally like everything about JUST ANOTHER DAY -- from the album cover, which shows old-school boxer Joe Louis flattening some poor sucker, to Holding On's cover version of "I'm A Dick," the song that closes the 15-song CD. (You get extra punk rock points if you can name the legendary Minneapolis band that originally wrote and performed "I'm A Dick," too.) And yeah, I even like how Holding On describes their singer, Andy, on the their website ( "Andy has not done much with his life since the last update. He still has this dream that he will somehow turn Holding On into a bitter, jaded, punk band. So far, so good. Andy hates his job and fantasizes about burning work down. For some strange reason we always run exactly 35 minutes late when Andy is with us. His favorite record of the year is the new Rancid record. Maybe that explains why he always mumbles."

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