Album Review
Manda & The Marbles
Label: Break-Up! Records
Reviewed by Astra the German chick

Female fronted power pop trio….

Manda Marble singer/bassist/keyboardist with her 2 guys Joe and Mark are doing great work, its mixed up, like retro-new wave-retro-punk-pop ....... all kind of but theyve still their own style for sure... Yeah its fun stuff..Joe is doing good work on guitar and Mark on drums. I enjoy listen to this kind of music, it give me a smile, always, like I said its cool and Fun.. I had no idea that this is so good like it is, i mean its not the typical Astra-Sound but hey I like it alot.... Its not this bubble-gum shit, its just cool. The 80's are back, that kicks my ass, i grew up in the 70-and 80's so sure thing i like it .The voice of Mrs. Manda is the "shit" she sounds so fuckin cool, and all of them have a grat cool style ... Seduction is 10 tracks of 80's inspired power pop glory. If you like the GoGo's or some RocknRoll stuff or just easy the Ramones and all around, youre right here, thats the place to be, listen to the cd and you get it, you guys will definitely enjoy the Album, so check it out and have fun.

Thanx to Manda to put her whole trust in me, to write not the typical punk reviews, i normally do. Youre cool shit so come over and rock the stages. So Kids go out, ask your parents for some $$ und buy this CD.... Keep up the good work dudes.

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