Album Review
Dead Kennedys
Label: Manifesto Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
Taped at, yes, The Deaf Club in San Francisco, during a set in 1979, this recording of revolutionary political/highly satirical hardcore punk behemoths Dead Kennedys is important for a slew of reasons, namely it features the DKs earliest line-up (when they were a five-piece with guitarists East Bay Ray and 6025, bassist Klaus Flouride, drummer Ted, and vocalist Jello Biafra), marks the last show that included 6025, features a previously unreleased track, "Gaslight," and overall, has an AWESOME sound quality. In the confines of 39 minutes, we are treated to DK classics/punk-rock musts ヨ the "long drawn-out epic" (as the endearingly outspoken Jello quips) "Holiday In Cambodia" and "California Uber Alles" (DKs' first two singles) and "Kill The Poor" ヨ along with great numbers like "Straight A's" and the dark, absolutely stellar "Police Truck". Also found here are some quirky covers, including The Beatles' "Back In The USSR" and The Honeycombes' "Have I The Right". All in all, a live record both fans and novices alike should enjoy thoroughly.

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