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Love Arcade
  • 5/5
Reviewed by thebronx
Since when did pop become unpopularly good? Well if you're Love Arcade it's hard to imagine yourself anything other then another type of rock music. Love Arcade is a Detroit based Pop Rock band who takes their unique sense of humor and love for popular rock music and put it to music.

Love Arcade becomes what front man Christian dreams up; its like he makes his music and it comes so naturally that it reflexes throughout the whole album from start to finish.

The album is really catchy, and very lyrically sound; something that will really make fans of pop rock happy to hear. Thankfully the lyrics and the great vocals only take some of the credit because I found the music itself to be very nicely done. Almost like an over-dramatic scene from a movie and I find that the keyboard really brings a great rhythm to the whole thing.

I really think anyone who likes rock / punk in general would find this album to be really good. It takes nothing away from itself because each track is totally different and has its own catchy snazzy hooks and riffs. Kind of reminds me of White Stripes with out the annoying singer. Great album, pick it up if you can.

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