These Stars are Monsters Album Review
Label: One Eleven Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by thebronx

A unique sound and a bit pizzazz really take one of One Elevens newest artist and make them a great band. Their new album "These Stars Are Monsters" is a great blend of rock and aggressive and energetic lyrics, which are brought out by, lead singer Travis Adams formerly from My Hotel Year. Listening you may find out and possibly wonder how something this great can come from only two members. Travis Adams and David Pierce bring their twenty years of recording experience into their album and it shows.


Inkwell is more about expression more so then anything else. Which most will notice looking at the album art and cover. To know what type of music your going to be listening to you wont really have to dig to deep. Inkwell is a straightforward and sophisticated rock group with little intentions. In there own wards "we started doing this for fun". You can rightfully tell that they had a blast in making this album and put their full potential into it.

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