Montreal Punk Powerhouse The Speakeasy Release Debut Record Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Montreal’s The Speakeasy is gearing up to release their self-titled debut album, delivering a raw expression of life’s kaleidoscope with a blend of punk spirit that subtly invites listeners into a rebellious celebration.




Montreal's punk rock powerhouse, The Speakeasy, is set to unleash their self-titled debut album on January 19 via Thousand Islands Records, and if you're a fan of NOFX, Lagwagon, or Sum 41, this is a date you won't want to miss.The quintet, born from the lively punk scene of Montreal's north shore, has been making waves since their official formation in November 2017. With two EPs under their belt, the band has left their mark on the punk landscape in Canada, their chaotic footprints leading to a full-throttle electrifying live experience.

Having garnered attention through noteworthy festivals like Pouzza Fest, Music 4 Cancer, and Festirock, The Speakeasy is now ready to take the punk world by storm. Signed with Thousand Islands Records, the partnership reflects their rebellious spirit and a commitment to breaking free from creative constraints.

The upcoming LP, departing from the concept album format, is a testament to freedom from rigid rules. The tracks are a raw expression, inspired by life's kaleidoscope, encapsulating everything from the pandemic and the grind of work to mental health struggles, addiction, love's complexities, the allure of sex, and the resilience found in rising after a fall.

Led by Karl Bullets and his distinctive gravel-throated voice, The Speakeasy's music isn't just a soundtrack; it's a celebration of punk spirit, an invitation to join their revolution. Breaking away from the norm, the stage is set, the amps are buzzing, and The Speakeasy is poised to ignite the scene.

Get ready to dive into a musical journey where boundaries dissolve, and passion meets rebellion. Pre-save or pre-order their self-titled debut album now and mark January 19 on your calendar. The Speakeasy is about to make its mark in the punk rock universe.

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