SAVAK Unveils “Flavors Of Paradise” Album, Tours U.S. and France Savak
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Brooklyn post-punk outfit SAVAK, renowned for their smart and mutant punk sound, announces their upcoming album “Flavors Of Paradise,” sharing a preview with the single “Leash Biter,” and unveiling U.S. and France tour dates.

Today we've got some exciting news for all you indie rock enthusiasts out there. Brooklyn's post-punk maestros, SAVAK, are gearing up to drop their latest sonic endeavor, "Flavors Of Paradise," set to hit the shelves on March 1 courtesy of Ernest Jenning Recording Co.

But hold your horses, because the band is giving us a sneak peek with their fresh single, "Leash Biter," which is already making waves. It's the perfect blend of smart, hooky, and mutant punk that has become synonymous with this reliable indie rock outfit. They've been haild as smart and hooky laiden punk, bursting with energy.  And if that's not enough to get your indie senses tingling, SAVAK is hitting the road with U.S. East Coast tour dates in February and March, including a record release show on March 7 at Brooklyn's Union Pool. They're not stopping there—come April, they'll be crossing the Atlantic for a two-week tour in France. So mark those calendars, folks!

Now, let's talk about the making of "Flavors Of Paradise." Recorded in Chicago at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio (without Steve Albini, mind you), the band effortlessly cranked out 12 songs in just three days. Matthew Barnhart, known for his work with Superchunk and Bob Mould, was the man behind the mixing desk, ensuring a lean, spacious, and lively record.

After five LPs, an EP, and a handful of singles, SAVAK is still a force to be reckoned with. Their lyrical journey explores marriage, espionage, self-reflection, and even dogs. Yes, you heard it right.. As SAVAK comfortably navigates through the dog park and local used bookstores, they continue to deliver a potent and pointed agitpop racket.

So, whether you're a fan of The Fall's jagged stabs, the harmonies of Flamin' Groovies, or the riff-driven spirit of Wilko Johnson, SAVAK has got your flavor covered. Press play and immerse yourself in the sonic landscape of "Flavors Of Paradise." 

France Tour Dates:
04.10 - Paris @ Mécanique Ondulatoire
04.11 - Angers @ Le Garage
04.12 - Laval @ La Fosse
04.13 - Nantes @ Duchesse
04.14 - La Rochelle @ TBD
04.15 - Limoges @ CCM Jean Gagnant
04.16 - Toulouse @ Gloria
04.17 - Perigueux @ Moulin Du Rousseau
04.18 - Lyon @ Trokson
04.19 - Troyes @ The Message
04.20 -  Évreux @ Brasserie Spore

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