Ohio’s Post-Hardcore Pioneers, Sweetheart, Resurrected: Expert Work Records Drops Two Decades’ Worth of Unreleased Gems Sweetheart
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Expert Work Records is set to unleash the long-lost post-hardcore treasures of Ohio’s Sweetheart with the release of their unreleased LP and EP on February 2, 2024, marking a punk revival that promises to redefine the genre’s gritty glory.

In a punk rock revelation that's about to shake the foundations of your playlist, Expert Work Records, the Missouri-based label, drops the bombshell news of not one, but two unreleased masterpieces from Ohio's post-hardcore legends, Sweetheart. Brace yourselves, punk aficionados, because on February 2, 2024, we're about to witness the resurrection of a band that defined the grit and glory of the 2000s underground scene.

For those who missed the Sweetheart train back in the day, let's rewind to 2002. Sweetheart, born in the heart of Ohio, quickly became the pulse of post-hardcore, rocking basements, bars, and DIY spaces with a ferocity that left crowds battered and buzzing. Founded by four friends fueled by house shows and inside jokes, Sweetheart played their hearts out until the breakup in 2006, leaving behind a legacy that's about to get a shot of adrenaline.

Justin Nardy, the visionary behind Expert Work Records, traces the roots of this revelation to the early 2000s in Ohio. The connection between Nardy's band, Bald Eagle, and Sweetheart ran deep—a shared love for blistering guitar riffs, intense basketball games, and, of course, epic beards. Sweetheart's hospitality and camaraderie on the road made them fast friends with other bands in the scene.

Fast forward to the present, and Expert Work Records is set to drop the long-lost gems—Sweetheart's unreleased LP, 'The Unbearable Tightness Of Being,' and the EP, 'The Process Of Making Us Well.' These recordings, tucked away since 2005, are finally breaking free from the vault, hitting the streets on February 2, 2024.

'The Process Of Making Us Well,' a 12-minute epic, showcases Sweetheart's journey outside their comfort zone. Recorded in a Columbus warehouse, the band weaves a sonic tapestry, drawing inspiration from Unwound and Neurosis. It's a musical pilgrimage that captures the essence of Sweetheart's experimentation and honesty.

As for 'The Unbearable Tightness Of Being,' it's a complex, well-composed record that transcends punk-rock norms. Recorded in 2005, the only LP from Sweetheart promises to be a mind-bending experience, a testament to the band's dedication to their craft.In the words of Sweetheart, "It’s hard to describe how grateful and excited we are to see this huge part of our early 20’s finally come into the world." And for us punk lovers, it's a chance to relive the raw energy and rebellious spirit that defined an era.

Get ready to dive headfirst into the chaos. Pre-order 'The Process Of Making Us Well' and 'The Unbearable Tightness Of Being' now via Expert Work Records, and mark February 2, 2024, as the day punk history gets a bold new chapter. The revolution begins, and Sweetheart is leading the charge.

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